About The Crew:


Captain Ed grew up fishing and working on boats as a kid who loved the water.  He sat for his first US Coast Guard 6 pack license in 1979, when he was just 19 years old.  His passion is his family and his boat....normally in that order. He has a love, knowledge and respect for mother ocean and spends most of his days on it, in it or around it. Like all of his son's, Captain Ed loves to surf when the swell is up. He takes great pride in Carnivore and her upkeep. He is one of the rare owner operators who does most all of his own maintenance (having three sons helps too). He was intimately involved in the design and layout of all aspects of Carnivore and spent many a day in the boat shed during her construction. He has taught his family much about life on the water and is always willing to pass his knowledge of cruising and fishing on to anyone who shares his passion. Long distance multiple day and over-night voyages are his favorite times at sea. He says it gives him time to reflect on the beauty of the ocean and how lucky he is to be able to enjoy all she has to offer.  

About Captain Ed

Captain Ed Petrilli US Coast Guard 100 Ton Masters License

                                Justin Petrilli   Mate


Justin has been fishing for his entire life.  He has also had the chance to work as a mate for some of the best charter and traveling captains in the industry. After traveling and living aboard Carnivore for a year, he worked as mate and chef aboard various boats in Costa Rica, Panama and Alaska. While in Alaska he had the opportunity to work aboard MV Strider filming a variety of wildlife in 3D for National Geographic. He has a Culinary Degree from the Culinary Institute Of America in Hyde Park, NY.  This degree combined with his extensive experience as a traveling mate, continues to open opportunities for work and travel in exotic places.

Justin is the consummate  waterman. In addition to offshore fishing, he loves to inshore fish with a fly rod. He is an avid traveling surfer and never misses an opportunity to take to the woods for a hunt.

About Justin

Anthony Petrilli   

Anthony is another highly respected mate aboard Canivore. He loves to fish plain and simple. While traveling aboard Carnivore throughout the Caribbean, Panama and Costa Rica he seemed to have an uncanny ability to beat everyone else on board to the fighting chair. He has done battle with some amazing billfish both stand up and in the chair. His 6'2" height and long lanky frame make him a force to be reckoned with in the cockpit. In addition to Carnivore, he has been mate aboard a number of competitive charter and tournament boats in North Carolina. 

Anthony is a graduate of UNCW in Wilmington NC, with a BS in Business Administration. He owns and operates Right Coast Productions, LLC. Making both commercial and private films typically revolving fishing, surfing or hunting.

About Anthony

Gianno Petrilli

Gianno may be the third eldest Petrilli son, but he is as knowledgeable and capable as any mate Captain Ed has worked with. His compact frame and agility allow him to move with dizzying speed in the cockpit. Strong, flexible and fast is the best way to describe Gianno. He was Gaff Man on board Carnivore for their First Place Blue Marlin in the 2010 Big Rock tournament.

At the bait station, he works magic with a needle, thread, any dead bait and a circle hook. If you want someone with the patience of a saint and cool personality to make any bait rigging lesson fun....Gianno's your man.  If you want to know what critter or plant you're looking at above or below the water line.....he's your guy. He loves to surf and is an excellent nature and outdoor photographer.....Again, patience pays off.

Gianno is always happy to share his knowledge and love of the great outdoors. He is PACKED with knowledge!!  Quick with a smile as big as Montana and always joking, he is a BLAST to hang out with for a day in the cockpit. Gianno is graduate of Mass Maritine Academy in Cape Cod with a BS degree in Marine Transportation living a life and career at sea.

About Gianno

Yes......The Girls Do It All Too.... Natalie and Taj are confident anywhere on the boat. They are NEVER shy of jumping in the chair to do battle with huge Pelagics. Yet when things calm down, they just may hand you a plate of fresh baked chocolate chip cookies. No matter what the task is.....they are ON IT! These women ROCK!! If called upon, they don’t hesitate to help out as crew on a charter and certainly almost never miss a “fish for fun” day. These are fishn’ women, who will bless your day with smiles, calming words when needed.....and LOUD MOTIVATION when appropriate!

Natalie and Taj Petrilli... The Carnivore Mermaids